Lenten Campaign


Lent is a Season of Renewal
Lent 2016 is special because of the Jubilee Year of Mercy (JYM). During Lent, Catholics are specially invited to renew and transform themselves to become better Christians. In line with the JYM, we are encouraged to become more compassionate in our relationships with family and the community. In this way, our Lenten journey moves us on the path of renewal and transformation – with a focus on compassion.

Lenten Theme & Focus
In the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur, and consistent with the JYM, the theme for Lent 2016 is Merciful Like the Father. The theme is accompanied and supported by the Action Focus: Promoting Compassion in the Community. This action component of the theme leads us to ensure that all our interactions – with ourselves and other people – are influenced by the spirit of compassion.

Lenten Activities
Various proposals are presented during the Lenten Campaign to help us undertake focused efforts during Lent – and beyond. Activity-based individual and group programmes, which are intended for three participant groups (children, youth and adults), enable us to recognize and respond to the social, political, economic, cultural and environmental realities in Malaysia. Visit the Download section to view Lenten Campaign materials.

Our Lenten Commitment
Let us make a lasting commitment this Lent to make a difference in the community, especially to those who are vulnerable, marginalized and voiceless, by practicing and promoting compassion in the family and community.

Lent Theme VIDEO – Compassionate Renewal:

Lent Video 2016 – English – Compassionate Renewal

Lent Video 2016 – Tamil – Compassionate Renewal

Lent Video 2016 – BM – Compassionate Renewal

Lent Video 2016 – Chinese – Compassionate Renewal


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